Old coins – All Rs 1 will be taken out of circulation soon!


Old coins – All Rs 1 will be taken out of circulation soon!

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Old coins

Old coins – As per Reserve Bank of India’s new guidelines, few Rs 1 old coins and Rs 50 paisa will be completely out of circulation soon. If you have these coins, then this article is very important for you to read.

These coins will be taken back by RBI soon. An ICICI Bank branch of New Delhi issued a notice about Rs 1 and 50 paisa oins made of copper-nickel are prohibited from being reissued.

The following old coins are not for re-issued-

1) Aluminium coins of 10 paisa
2) Cupronickel coins of Re 1
3) Aluminium bronze coins of 10 paisa

4) Cupronickel coins of 50 paisa
5) Cupronickel coins of 25 paisa
6) Stainless steel coins of 10 paisa

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7) Aluminium coins of 20 paisa
8) Aluminium coins of 5 paisa
These coins are no longer accepted as legal currency. If you have any questions or comments about this, you can tell in the comment box below. Keep visiting our website for more.
Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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