How to sell old notes and coins in India online, step by step guidelines.


How to sell old notes and coins in India online, step by step guidelines.

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Sell Old Notes – Now old coin and notes selling is so easy.

If you are a numismatist and have a lot of old and notes and coins in your store, then sell old notes, luck is waiting at the door. Exchanging of some special old notes and coins can make you a millionaire overnight.

Now let's find out about some of the most sought after notes and coins
  • Rs 5 note which has a photo of a farmer driving a tractor and which has 786 printed. (sell old notes)
  • 25 paise coins
  • Rs 2 coin circulated by the RBI in 1994, 1995, 1997 or 2000
  • Rs 2 old coins which were released minted in 1984
  • Re 1 coin of British era printed in 1885.

These currency notes and coins are highly demandable and very easy to sell today on online platform like OLX, Coinbazzar, IndiaMart, eBay etc. There are international traders also.
Depending on the specialty, the value of the notes sometimes goes up to Rs 5 to 10 lakhs. (sell old notes)
How to sell old notes /coins online?

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First, Log on to the specific website.
Then, Register yourself as a seller.
After that, Upload a clear picture of the note/coin you want to sell.

Write the description as well as your location.
You can write about your notes or coin in the comment box bellow, buyer may contacts you directly. (sell old notes)
Written By Ayan Mandal.

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