Old coins sell Online – Get Rs 50,000 in cash, by selling Indian Old currency.


Old coins sell Online – Get Rs 50,000 in cash, by selling Indian Old currency.

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Old coins sell

If you are searching about Old coins sell, this article is the most informative for you.
As we know After the pandemic, most of the people in India are financially distressed. In this situation, if you find out that the market value of the old coins you have is Rs50, 000 rupees, would you like to miss the chance?

Earning money by selling old coins (Old coins sell) online is very easy. Anyone can sell their old coins online. As an example, the market value of the 1 rupee coin having the image of King George V is 10 lakhs. Usually such rare coins can make anyone an multi-millionaire.

Old coins sell – safest way to sell old coins online.

An old coin found by a Lincolnshire Wolds-based metal detectorist was recently sold for an unbelievable price. The coin was sold for Rs 30,500. This coin is probably 2,000 years old. The coin was sold at an auction.

How to old coins sell ?
In various websites like India mart, olx, e-commerce etc anyone can sell their old coins.
1) To old coins sell, register themselves and create an account on the websites.
2) Upload the photo of the old coins
3) Enter the prescribed fixed price along with it.
After that, interested buyers can contact the seller through the website.

Clear pictures of both sides of the old coin with the sellers should be uploaded on the website. He/she has to provide the specified valid address, valid mobile number and valid email id there. Then the valid mobile number will be verified through OTP. After that the seller has to provide his valid PAN number on the website.

However, it is very important to maintain caution in this regard. Again, if you have problem in determining the value of old coins, you can visit some other old coin selling websites to check the value determination. Because Reserve Bank of India requested people to avoid this.

RBI cancels license of this bank! People rushed to withdraw money!

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Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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