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Split Bill Google Pay – How to Split Bills on Google Pay or Phonpe in 2022 [Guide]


Split Bill Google Pay – How to Split Bills on Google Pay or Phonpe in 2022 [Guide]

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Split Bill Google Pay – Know how to split your bill with your contacts, relatives, friends, families, and so on using your own Google Pay or Paytm:-

Check this step-by-step guide to do so:-

Split Bill Google Pay – The feature terminates the need to manually calculate how much each person must pay and then have one person bear the main bill.

As Indians get slowly used to digital modes of payment many people may not know about a very new feature which is introduced on Pay tm and Google Pay which allows users to split the bill with their contacts. (Split Bill Google Pay)

The feature removes the need to manually evaluate how much money each person must pay and then have one person bear the main bill before the others pay their estimated sums from their accounts. Split Bill Google Pay

Here are the steps to be followed in order to split the bill with your friends and family on Google Pay and Paytm:

 For Google Pay users:-

1 . While opening Google Pay and clicking on the New Payment option on the main page, a new screen will open. On this screen, below the ‘Transfer Money’ tab, a ‘New Group’ option will pop up.  By tapping on this option, a new screen will subsequently appear with the names of contacts saved on your phone. Split Bill Google Pay

2. On this screen, contacts with whom the bill needs to be split can be added to the groups. Google Pay will automatically display all the recent contacts and the suitable ones which can thereafter be tapped to add to the groups. Split Bill Google Pay

3. On the next screen, users will be asked to name the group. Once the group is named and created, users will get to see a ‘Split an Expense’ button at the bottom. After entering the amount to split among the group members, the sum can either be split equally or a custom amount that a certain user must pay can be entered. Users can also uncheck someone in the created group if that member doesn’t need to pay for a specific expense. Split Bill Google Pay

Once the boundaries are set, tapping the ‘Send Request’ button will raise a payment request. The payment progress can be tracked from the group’s main screen to ensure that all expected group members have paid their part.

For Paytm users:-

1. While opening the Paytm app, users need to swipe right to the conversations page and search for the ‘Split Bill’ option at the bottom.

2. Clicking on the option will create a new page where the amount to be split has to be entered and the contacts who will split the bill added.

3. On a subsequent page, users can check the ‘Auto-split equally’ option or make a custom amount each member has to pay, following which a payment request will be sent.

4. By clicking the amount on the main group page it will provide further information on the split, including the members who have already paid.

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