Youtube Ambient Mode

Have you heard of Youtube Ambient Mode yet? Who does not know about Youtube now-a-days? We often use it for relaxation purpose.

What is Youtube?
Youtube is a social networking site and online video sharing website. It was launched in the year 2005. Since then, it never stop amazing us with a lot of entertaining videos. In this platform, one can watch and make videos; they can like the videos and comment on them. They also can subscribe to the channels.

What is Youtube ambient mode?

Youtube ambient mode tints your cell phones status bar. The mode is available on web and mobile. This feature allows one to drag the seek bar and swipe up to view thumnails.

This is a new version of the video sharing app. There’s a few step by following which one can use this authentic feature. To enable the mode, one have to switch the dark theme on.

Turn off:-
If one want to turn off Youtube ambient mode, he/she should
1) Go to settings option
2) Tap ambient mode
3) Switch to turn off ambient mode for all the videos.

To use this mode on iphone:-
1) Go to youtube account.
2) Click profile picture.
3) Click appearance.
4) Select dark theme.

Subscribe button:-
Youtube’s subscribe button is also getting a makeover. It no longer will appear in the colour red. Also the size of this button is no longer be same from now on.

It will now appear in a pill shape. Keep visiting our website to know more.
Written by Tritiyaa.

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