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Jeevan Pramaan Certificate is the digital Life Certificate of the Government of India’s pension scheme. Jivan Praman certificate is saved in Life Certificate responsibility both pensioners and their respective pension discussing agency can access it. Submission of this Certificate reveals if the pensioner is alive or not.
It eases the process of submitting digital certificate for pensioners. The pensioners should be a retired employee of state govt. or central govt.

Learn easy ways to submit Life Certificate.

In order to generate an online life certificate, one must have
1) Adhaar number.
2) Registered mobile number.
The whole process of Jeevan Pramaan online is feasible. A digital certificate is an another way to submit one.

6 ways to submit certificate:-
1) It can be generated online.
2) Door-step banking.
3) Submitting certificate digitally.
4) Submitting certificate at the central pension office.

5) Get the certificate by PDA (Pension Disturbing Authority)
6) Book bank’s doorstep service.
Website –
Toll free number – 1800121321
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