8th Pay Commission

Central govt. might plan about 8th Pay Commission in 2024. Central govt. has always been so kind to it’s employees. It has never stop amazing the employees with new opportunities. Recently, central govt. has increased D.A (Dearness Allowance) by 4%. It has helped central govt. employees financially very well. Now, as per sources, there’s a chance of forming 8th pay commission.

8th Pay Commission salary hike by 26,0000/-.

If 8th pay commission ever implemented, the salary of central employees will increase by more than two and a half times. The salary will increase by 18,000/- to 26,000/-. Because of it, more than a million central govt. employees and pensioners will be benefitted.

8th pay commission on cards?
The news of 8th pay commission gives hope to the employees. Pay Commission for employees is executed once in a decade. 5th pay commission was conducted on 2nd May,1994. The 6th pay commission was conducted on 5th October 2006. The 7th 5th pay commission was conducted on 28th February, 2014. So, it can be said that the 8 pay commission might be conducted in 2024.

The general expectation is that 8th Pay Commission would be constituted in 2024, with its recommendations being implemented in 2026. The Minister of State for Finance had stated if the govt. proposes to make sure a timely constitution of the Pay Commission for central govt. employees, it could be implemented on January 1, 2026. Keep visiting our website to stay updated for more.
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