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Looking for best places to visit in October? In the lap of mighty Himalayas, the purest form of nature can be found. The third highest peak of the world, Kanchenjunga (8848 metres) is located in Himalayan Region. The clean air, mineral-rich water of mountain streams, tropical wilderness, pleasant breeze makes it the “Heaven in Earth”. People also find spirituality and sheer peace here. The Himalayan Range is known to have extensive hills.

Looking for best places to visit in October?

Here’s some tourist destinations you might like to visit in October in the lap of “Seven sisters”.
Tabakoshi, West Bengal:-
The “Himalayas” is an example of what heaven looks like and feels like. If you looking for best places to visit in October, Tabakoshi can be the your choice. Tabakoshi attracts tourist with its mesmerizing atmosphere and scenery. There is a lot tourist spots in here. Shiva temple in the riverside of Rangbang, Gopal Dhara tea estate, sangama tea estate , Bokar monastery, Debisthan, orange Orchards of Mirik, Mirik church are some of the major tourist interests in Tabakoshi.

Sillery gaon:-
The sky remains clear during October in Sillery gaon. Sillery gaon attracts tourists with it’s serene atmosphere. It is a small village near Pedong in the Kalimpong district. October offers a cool but pleasant atmosphere here. The tourists can enjoy the lovely views of the mountain peaks at this time. If you looking for best places to visit in October, Sillery gaon can be the your choice.

Richenpong, Sikkim:-
Richenpong is a small town in West Sikkim. This place is well known for the excellent perspective of the kanchenjunga scope of mountains. If you want to escape the humdrums of the city-life, Richenpong can be the perfect destination. Gurung monastery, the poison lake, Sirijunga temple, Chayatal lake, Hee water garden, Singshore bridge, Uttare village, Tenzing Hillary Park, Tato Pani, Varsey rhododendron sanctuary can be perfect destination for tourists. Richenpong is one of the best places to visit in October. Keep visiting our website to stay updated for more.
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