5 Haunted places in Kolkata You Should Know About.


5 Haunted places in Kolkata You Should Know About.

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haunted places in Kolkata

Haunted places in Kolkata – Many of the Indian people are obsessed over Horror movies and TV serials. Not only that, they are also obsessed over haunted places. They want to know a lot about haunted places and their back stories. In this article, we are going to discuss about few haunted places in Kolkata.

Check out the list of 5 Haunted places in Kolkata.

1)National Library:-
National Library was the former residence of Governor-General during the British period. It is one of the oldest buildings in India. It is said that Lady Metcalfe, the Governor’s wife, was fond of books. It is said that she still haunts the building. Many night guards and students studying till late have heard the footsteps of her.

2) Bhoot Banglow:-
Bhoot Banglow also called as Belvedere Estate, is a haunted house in Kolkata. It is located for an UG women’s college under the University of Calcutta. Many hostel girls and staffs have heard and seen an English gentleman entering the premises on his horse.

3) Park Street Cemetery:-
Park Street Cemetery is one of the spookiest places in Kolkata. It is situated at the heart of the Park Street. It is an ancient burial ground. Hazy shadows on the wall of the cemetery can be seen. Eerie sounds of something unearthly can be heard there. Many visitors have experienced weird feeling of unnatural presence around.

4) Kolkata Dock:-
Kolkata Dock is one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. Kidderpore Dock aka Kolkata Dock was founded by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh, who was betrayed by the British while trading with The East India Company. It is said that his ghost is still waiting there for his revenge.

5) Lower Circular Road Cemetery:-
Lower Circular Road Cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. People witnessed Sir William Hay McKnight’s ghost, who was a brave civil servant in the British Era. He was brutally killed during the first Anglo-Afghan war. His body was found into pieces. His dead body was buried here.

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