SBI Pensioners

SBI Pensioners – Good news for State Bank customers! Now you can submit your life certificate more easily. Now you can submit your SBI’s pension service through mobile app or website. In order to keep drawing pension, retired Govt. employees are required to submit their life certificates every year in November. For this new facility, one should
1) Go to
2) Click on VideoLC

SBI Pensioners – Submit your life certificate more easily.

If you are using the app
1) Click on the Video Life Certificate
2) Enter your account number.
3) Click on the check-box.
4) Click on the “Aadhar data for VLC”.

5) If you are VLC eligible, then submit the OTP.
6) Confirm the validation.
7) After that provide all the required documents and then tick the process box and click on “Proceed”
8) Then wait for the next session or wait for the next schedule.
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Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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