Have you heard about the new version of Youtube yet? Earlier, in this social networking site, people could share and upload online videos. It never stop amazing us with a lot of entertaining, inspiring, motivational videos. Earlier, in this platform, one could watch and make videos; they could like the videos and comment on them. But, recently the infamous social networking site updated it-self.

A new version of the app pop-up recently. Youtube is rolling out a change for its channel pages. The three main formats of YouTube content will be split into different tabs.

Youtube gets a makeover!

The three main formats of the app’s contents will be split into different tabs. Such as follows
1) Long-form videos
2) Short-form videos
3) Live streams

Youtube roll out Youtube Ambient Mode

In the latest version of the app, the shorter videos can be produced much faster. It might help content creators to produce more videos in this app. It also might encourage other people to come forward and join the the field of content creating.

One will be taken directly to new shorts tab to continue watching shorts. One can view shorts in the Shorts feed and navigate to a creator’s channel from the feed.

It would be great for a viewer’s subscriptions to be split into the same three-tiered layout. Viewers will also get to see recently uploaded, popular filters to view contents on the channels’ page.

Longterm contents are not going to be vanished. They are still on cards. Keep visiting our website to stay updated.
Written by Rajeshwari. 

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