YouTube app redesign YouTube New Update

Recently, YouTube app redesigned itself with mesmerizing features. YouTube recently introduced a new surprise for its Android and iOS users by redesigning and adding exciting features to the app. All the new features that were introduced  and changes applied are explained here.

YouTube app redesign YouTube New Update

YouTube app redesigned itself and its looks for the Android and iOS users this week. The new design changes the whole interface looks and makes it more convenient and understandable to it’s users. In addition, some commonly used buttons and tools were also updated by the company. Despite the new design there are several brand new features that users will get to enjoy. Here are all the new design ,changes and features that users will get to see in the next update  of you tube.

New User Interface (UI) elements:-
Buttons like the ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’, ‘Share’ and ‘playlist’ will get a new look in this update, making them more conventional buttons on the UI than before. According to YouTube this new look will minimize distractions (YouTube app redesign).

In the YouTube app redesigned version, the ‘Subscribe’ button also gets a new design and a genuine look with, attractive new colors, and is now positioned on the right side of the screen, making the button much easier to reach specially while holding the device single highhandedly.

Youtube introduces new features for videos and shorts!

YouTube’s new space Dark mode

YouTube app redesigned for the most used feature the “dark mode” makes it much darker than ever.Many YouTube users have been demanding for this change for quite a while. Many users didn’t appreciated the grey shades that replaced YouTube’s white areas in Dark Mode. This new look with enriched and deeper blacks are hoped to be liked by many users.

Colorful Ambient mode:-
Ambient Mode takes colors from the video you are watching and applies them on the border regions of the rest of the YouTube user interface. YouTube app redesigns addition was inspired from the dispersion of light and colors while watching a TV in a dark room. The feature was also applied to the playlists, which will now change the colors following the queue list accordingly. Note that Ambient mode only applies when Dark Mode is enabled.

Precision seeking:-
Rewinding 10 seconds for that one part of the video you missed are finally left behind. With the help of precision skipping users can now swipe up while seeking, which will show up a row of thumbnails denoting various portions of the video closer to where the watch-progress bar currently is. In the YouTube app redesigned version, users can then simply tap on the frame they want and begin the video from there.

Pinch to zoom:-
In the YouTube app redesigned version, another demanded feature by the users is the, pinch-to-zoom feature which is finally available in YouTube videos. Users will now be able to pinch with two fingers to focus or zoom in specific areas. Users need not hold the pinch in to keep the zoomed view active. A zoom-out will only be triggered when users pinch out again. The pinch in feature is just like the “zoom in” feature in VLC player.

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