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What To Do If ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine?


What To Do If ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine?

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ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine

ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine – The first ATM in India was installed in 1987 by Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Since then, this service has been extended everywhere with the initiative of various banks. According to a statistic of Reserve Bank of India, there are currently more than 2 lakh ATMs available across the country.

How to get your ATM card back if ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine?

The largest number of ATMs belong to State Bank of India which is 59,292 across the country. One of the most common question among the customers are “What To Do If ATM Card Is Stuck In The Machine?”. In today’s article, we are discuss about this sensitive topic.

ATM service is the best choice of the people of India to get rid of the trouble of standing in the bank line of the old days. Everyone is free to withdraw as much money as they want in a very short period of time.

But everything has positive and negative side. Many times while withdrawing money, we see that even after deducting money from the bank account, money does not come out from the ATM or a torn note comes out, also the debit card is stuck in the machine.

1)What to do if the ATM card is stuck in the machine?
If the ATM card is stuck in the machine, do not take it out by force. This can set off the security alarm at the ATM and get you into trouble. For this you have to cancel your transaction.

2) What to do if the ATM card is stuck in the machine while withdrawing money?
Many times we see that ATM card is stuck in the ATM machine while withdrawing money. A lot of times we see that when the money is withdrawn, it shows “Transaction Successful” but the money gets stuck in the machine.

There is a possibility of losing money if you drag this time. If the money is torn, it will fall under your responsibility. This time you withdraw the money once more as a result of which the money stuck in the mouth will come out. You can also call your branch of the bank or customer care.

3) What to do if the account is empty even if the money is not withdrawn from the ATM?
If this happens, you should keep the paper that comes out from the ATM in a safe place and immediately go to your branch and report the complaint. Don’t forget to call customer care if you can’t reach them right away.

Many times the slip or paper does not come out from the ATM Machine. In this situation, you should update your bank passbook and complain about it to the branch.

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Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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