West Bengal DA Arrears Case

West Bengal DA Arrears – The issue of West Bengal DA Arrears of Govt. employees and retired Govt. employees is one of the most talked about issues in India today. The legal case between the state government of West Bengal and state government employees regarding West Bengal DA Arrears has been transferred from the Calcutta High Court to the Supreme Court of India.

West Bengal DA Arrears – Has Bengal Govt. gone bank-rupt?

West Bengal Govt. employees thought they would get the DA dues in January, 2023. But the Govt. remains silent on the West Bengal DA Arrears. As a result, Govt. employees went fierce for it.

West Bengal Govt. employees are taking huge steps in protests. Among the organizations, Government Employees Council and Unity Forum demand DA dues of all state Govt. employees. These two organizations have taken a decision to protest on the streets.

The state government employees also decided to stop the work by going on strike. On behalf of Unity Forum, the state government employees will take part in a protest in front of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation on January 27. Government teachers, Group D employees will join the protest.

WB 6th Pay Commission – At the beginning of 2023, 3% DA hike

Devprasad Halder, convenor of Unity Forum, said that preparations for the protest have been made. Public holidays have been called in government offices. The protests wouldl be held on the streets. If you have any questions or comments about it, you can tell in the comment box below. Keep visiting our website for more.
Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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