WB DA arrears

DA arrears – The issue of West Bengal DA arrears of government employees and retired government employees is one of the most talked about issues in India today. The legal case between the state government of West Bengal and state government employees regarding DA dues has been transferred from the Calcutta High Court to the Supreme Court, the highest court of India.

A new turn in the WB DA arrears case?

The state government filed a Special Leave Petition in the DA arrears case on Monday. That case was raised in the Supreme Court. The honourable judges said that the next hearing of the case will be held in the Supreme Court on December 14.

The lawyer for the state government told the Supreme Court that the claim made by the state government employee is not justified. A contempt of court case was filed on the 7th Dec. The Supreme Court has directed all the parties in the case to submit all their complaints in written form by December 14.

However, many lawyers were not present on behalf of the government. As per Meenakshi Arora, it is safe to say that state government employees are more likely to win the Supreme Court case. According to Meenakshi Arora, a lawyer for the Government Employees, the case has no merit.

Earlier High Court and SAT have already ordered to give DA. But the state government has not implemented it. State Government Employees Union and Unity Forum advocate Bikashranjan Bhattacharya also agreed with Meenakshi Arora.

WB DA arrears – Has Bengal Govt. gone bankrupt?

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