WB Primary TET Scam

WB Primary TET Scam – Currently, one of the most talked about issues in India is WB Primary TET Scam. The Board of Primary Education published the recruitment list of 93 candidates in wrong question cases. Several questions arise regarding the inconsistencies in this list. According to the court’s order, the Primary Education Board is giving job recommendation letters to 93 candidates who won the wrong question case. The board also released that list on Wednesday. There is every candidate’s educational qualification, score, D.El.Ed training score and other details.

WB Primary TET Scam – All the things you need to know about Recruitment list.

Another day, another WB Primary TET Scam news. It can be seen that a candidate’s WB Primary TET score is 4.282. In that case he had to get 129 at WB Primary TET.  Meanwhile, the board said that the highest number in TET 2014 was 124. Again the TET score of a candidate belonging to OBC B category is 4.018. That means his TET score is more than 120. The pass mark of TET is 90 for general category candidates. And in the case of reserved persons it was 83.

Here comes the question. If they pass TET, then why do they go to sue? Because, these candidates wrote the wrong answers and filed a case in TET as they failed. Again this WB Primary TET Scam news came into light.

It was seen that they passed by getting 6 marks allotted to wrong questions. According to the order of the court, the board declared them passed. But in the case of these candidates, that calculation does not match. But in the passing list of the WB Primary TET candidates, it is seen that a OBC-B candidate got 84.

There are a lot of General candidates in that list, who got less than 50% in the 12th Board examination. Now it is confusing how did the general category candidates do that course where minimum 50% marks in higher secondary is required to take D.El.Ed training?

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