WB 6th Pay Commission Salary Hike

Finally, the long wait since 2016 is about to end for West Bengal state government employees. Incidentally, According to the 6th Pay Commission of the West Bengal State Government Employees are not getting DA regularly, filed a case in Calcutta High Court. And even though the court has ordered the DA three times in a row, the WB State Government has avoided it on various pretexts. Now finally DA is going to be announced for the second time according to the 6th Pay Commission.

6th Pay Commission Salary Hike:

Meanwhile, the State Government has decided to settle All the Arrear DA of the workers of the West Bengal Electricity Department. Incidentally, last week the West Bengal State Power Development Department decided to settle all DA dues of the state power department employees. Although they fix their salary structure themselves. However, being a worker of the same state cannot bring two attitudes. So the Common State Government Employees of West Bengal are demanding that the State Government should immediately clears all DA dues according to 6th Pay Commission.

According to news sources, Nabanna has already allocated ₹500 crore to settle the outstanding DA. And plans to settle all DA dues in several installments in a phased manner. And the WB State Government has decided to settle all DA Arrears immediately after ordering stoppage of salaries of Power Department Officers a few months ago.

Now let’s come to the General State Government Employee News. The WB State Government has complained against the central Government about the outstanding DA and said that the Central Government is not giving the due money so the State Government is not giving the DA in proper time. Mamata Banerjee is feeling so worry and She also wants to clear all the DA Arrears timely, But the financial condition is not supporting, said TMC Leader Sougata Roy.

On that answer BJP Leader Suvendyu Adhikary is claiming, “a few days ago, the Central Government has already given the due money last week. This time, the State Government is not settling the outstanding DA of Government Employees?” Actually Mamata government is looking for an excuse not to give DA.”

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According to new sources, one installment of DA may be announced by 6th Pay Commission from January 1st 2023. This decision came after filing a case in the Supreme Court. After this decision keeping in mind the next panchayat polls. However, no official statement has been received in this regard. Update coming.
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