The Govt. has always been sympathetic towards Govt. employees and pensioners. But this time, the Govt. has issued a sombre warning to the Govt. employees about their work. In this issued warning, Govt. said to the employees to be hawk-eyed about their work and not to be careless. If any of them disobey the instructions have been given to them, their pension and gratuity after retirement would be stopped.

Pay Commission Salary Hike – Good news for Government employees,

This order will be applicable to the central Govt. employees for now. After the Govt. gifted DA hike and bonus to central Govt. employees, this new instructions has scared them. In this issued warning, it has been said if the Central Govt. employees are found guilty of any serious offenses or negligence during their service, then their gratuity and pension will be stopped after their retirement.

Can pension and gratuity be stopped for Govt. employees?

And also if the information of the guilty employees is received, then action should be initiated to stop their pension and gratuity. These instructions have been issued under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rule 2021.

After retirement, if any employee has taken the payment of pension and gratuity and later is found guilty; then full (or partial) amount of pension or gratuity can be recovered from him.

It will be assessed on the basis of loss caused to the department. The pension or gratuity of the employee might be stopped temporarily or permanently. In any case if the pension is withheld or withdrawn, minimum amount should not be less than Rs 9000 per month. Keep visiting our website for more.
Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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