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Who does not want to reduce energy bills now-a-days? Energy prices have recently reached new heights. People find a lot of difficulty regarding the rise of energy prices. An energy expert has pointed out about six of the most energy draining appliances. Residents should avoid keeping on those appliances at all costs.

Natalia Lachim quoted about it, “This is because electricity will be allowed to run through, thereby increasing your energy use and, sadly, your energy bills”.

Reduce energy bills by unplugging worst energy offenders.

Natalia Lachim quoted, “Leaving the TV plugged in and switched on uses 1.3kWh. As the average cost of electricity is now £0.34 per unit, just leaving the TV on idle for an hour a day adds up to an enormous £161.33 a year to your bill”.
Do no idle it in standby mode. In this way, you can reduce energy bills.

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Fridge and Freezer:-
Natalia Lachim quoted, “As every household needs to keep their fridge/freezer on, it is hardly surprising that over 12 percent of the entire household’s energy comes from running the fridge/freezer alone”.
In order to avoid extra charges, do turn off the Fridge and Freezer when it is not needed. In this way, you can reduce energy bills.

She also quoted, “Dusting the exterior means the cooling system won’t get affected, whereas cleaning the interior and disposing of any out-of-date food will ensure that the fridge doesn’t need to work as hard to keep food cool or frozen”.

Gaming consoles:-
By turning off the gaming consoles when it is not needed, you can save hundreds of rupees in a day. Gaming consoles are likely to be left plugged in as the Tv. It consumes 15kWh. By doing this, you can reduce energy bills.

A kettle also consumes a huge amount of energy. By turning off the kettle, you can make a surprising savings. By following these tips, you can reduce energy bills. Keep visiting our website to stay updated.
Written by Rajeshwari.

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