Telangana woman uses M-wax

Telangana woman uses M-wax – Telangana Police Recruitment Exam is one of the top 10 toughest exams in India. No one can even think of cheating in that exam. But recently there has been an alternative to that incident.

Telangana woman uses M-wax to cheat in physical examination.

Along with the written test, the physical test is also a part of it. A female candidate was caught cheating in that physical exam. The Telangana woman uses M-wax under her hair to look tall.

A woman candidate who had appeared for the recruitment of police constables into the Telangana police force was found to have pasted M-Seal inside her hair to appear taller.

According to Mahabubnagar police, the woman’s scandal came to light after the candidate stepped on the electronic height-measuring device. No record of her height was found on that device.

When a female cop checked her carefully, she found M-wax M-sheild on her head. This incident shook the entire Kerala. Mahabubnagar Superintendent of Police R Venkateshwarlu said in this context, such devices react when they are in proper contact with the human body.

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The women candidate was qualified as soon as her cheating came into light. If you have any questions or comments about this, you can tell in the comment box below. Keep visiting our website for more.
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