Whatsapp Data Leak – Check if your Whatsapp data been leaked or not! Follow these steps


Whatsapp Data Leak – Check if your Whatsapp data been leaked or not! Follow these steps

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Whatsapp Data Leak – In today’s time, we cannot imagine ourselves without internet services. Nowadays various social media apps are involved in our life. App’s like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, youtube have almost merged into our lives. But also in the other hand excessive use of internet makes us worry about our data privacies.

Cybernews has claimed that a threat actor has advertised on a hacker forum offering to sell a database containing 487 million mobile phone numbers of WhatsApp users. The actor claimed that there were active WhatsApp users’ mobile phone numbers from 84 different countries in the database including India, Russia, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It can be said that all their Whatsapp Data Leaked.

Users (Whatsapp Data Leak)Places
20 millionTurkey
29 millionSaudi Arabia
32 millionFrance
35 million peopleItaly
11 millionBritain
10 millionRussia
20 millionEgypt
32 millionUS

“Cyber-crime” is a usual term now-a-days. People are more concerned about their privacies after the news gone viral. Step-by-step guide to check whether your data is safe or Whatsapp Data Leaked down below-
1) Go to

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2) Enter your email address or mobile number in the international formats
3) Select “Check now”
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Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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