Snowfall in Kolkata

Snowfall in Kolkata – Compared to other years, the temperature in West Bengal has dropped many times in the beginning of this year. No one expected such a drop in temperature in the state. The amount of temperature drop has increased so much that almost many people are suffering from it. Children and the elderly have been particularly vulnerable.

Snowfall in Kolkata and it’s surrounding places soon?

The drop in temperature has increased to such an extent that many fear that West Bengal may experience snowfall in Kolkata and it’s surrounding places in the near future. However, the question remains as to how relevant this fear is. But the people of West Bengal feel that this drop in temperature might actually bring snow to West Bengal.

According to them, Kolkata and its surrounding areas will be mainly victims of this snowfall. However, the Meteorological Department is still silent on this issue. So the people of West Bengal, mainly the people of Kolkata are eagerly waiting for the acknowledgment from the Meteorological Department.

But what is the reason of these sudden thoughts? Currently, some pictures are circulating on social media platforms. The pictures show several landmarks in Kolkata covered in snow. The entire social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc laughing at the pictures of these places covered in snow.

The imaginary picture of snowfall in Kolkata has already gone viral on these social media platforms. In these pictures Victoria memorial hall, Howrah bridge of Kolkata and many other famous places in Kolkata are appeared to be covered with A.I snow.

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Angshuman Choudhury posted these pictures with the caption, “What would Delhi, both New and Old, look like during a heavy snowfall? I have always wondered. And now, AI helped me visualize it”. If you have any questions or comments about snowfall in Kolkata, you can tell in the comment box below. Keep visiting our website for more.
Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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