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Salary raise: 3 times increase in teachers salary announced by CM of this state. Know more:-


Salary raise: 3 times increase in teachers salary announced by CM of this state. Know more:-

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Salary raise
Salary raise

CM announced that teachers will be provided with a 5% annual salary raise every year. BA Pass Education Provider (Associate Teacher) will get Rs 20500 instead of Rs 9500.In addition to that every people will now be able to work till the age of 58 and salary will not be deducted for holidays.

Salary hike for Punjab employees:-

The Punjab government gave its employees a big gift increasing their salary at a sufficient level. The CM Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab has increased the salary of Rs12700 new regular teachers by 3 times,  and now associate teachers will get about Rs20500. They will also be provided with 5 percent annual extension every year. The government has announced to give all other benefits of government job. For the same Anganwadi workers and helpers, a amount of Rs 8.2 crore will be funded as allowance. (Salary raise)

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Whose salary will increase and by how much?

On Tuesday CM bhagwant mann announced the following:-

  • 6,137 education volunteers will get Rs 15,000 instead of Rs 3,500 which is nearly 3 times their original pay, also those who used to get Rs 6000 till now, will get a salary of Rs18000.
  • Education providers who used to get 10,250 earlier, now they will get Rs 22,000. Along with this, teachers who holds a degree of MA and B.Ed and used to get Rs11000 salary, will now get 23500 rupees. (Salary raise)
  • The salary of IEV volunteers has been increased from Rs 5500 to Rs 15000. This notification will be issued in the coming days.

58 years of service along with no deduction of salary during holidays?

The CM said that the services of these teachers would be subject to the policy related to the welfare of adhoc, contract, temporary teachers (nation builders) and other employees in the School Education Department. He said that their salaries have been fixed till they complete 58 years of service and would be entitled to 5% annual increment on their salaries every year in their near future. (Salary raise)

All people will now be able to work till the age of 58 and the money for everyone’s holidays will not be deducted. All will be given appointment after summer vacations. In the coming days, such amendments will be made in other departments as well. (Salary raise)

Allowance to Anganwadi workers and helpers;-

An honorarium of Rs 8.2 crore will be issued to Anganwadi workers and helpers as allowance under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. Dr. Baljit Kaur (Women and Child Development Minister) said that the Punjab government has released three installments to about 5,48,824 beneficiaries. (Salary raise)

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