Railway ticket gets cheaper

Regarding Railway ticket the Chairman of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Railways Shri Radha Mohan Singh, has appealed on the matter on providing the senior citizen a discount on railway tickets.

The previous Railway concession scheme:-

The committee reported that, the railways had stopped providing railway concessions to senior citizens in various categories for maintaining the strict COVID 19 protocol. The earlier concession scheme provided with 50 percent concession for women who are above the age of 58 years and with 40 percent for men who are above the age of 60 years.

The committee demands that the concession should be given to senior citizens before COVID 19 should be reviewed at least the sleeper class must be provided first, AC-3 should be considered for immediate concession. Railways used to give concession in 54 categories before the COVID 19 pandemic.

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The Ministry of Railways has explained that concession has been started in 11 categories including the four categories of Divyang, as well as patients and students, but there is no thoughts about giving exemption to senior citizens at present. (Railway ticket)

It should be noted that railways gives concession in rail fare ranging from 10 to 100 percent in more than 50 classes. (Railway ticket)

Railway ticket concession was implemented on people belonging to these categories before the pandemic:-

  • Railway Prime Minister-President Awardee,
  • Senior Citizen,
  • Sportsman,
  • Artist,
  • Widow,
  • Student,
  • Deaf,
  • Blind,
  • Handicapped,
  • Mental Patient,
  • Disabled Passenger,
  • Sportsman,
  • Film Technician,
  • Police,
  • Army,
  • Journalist,
  • Paramilitary killed while fighting terrorism Concession was given to the widows of force personnel etc.
  • Senior citizens get 80 percent of the concessions given by the Railways in different categories.

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