Post office new service 2022

Indian Post Office has launched a new service (Post Office new service 2022) named Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service which enables its’ customers to get information regarding  interest received on investment, ATM card block, issue of new cards and PPF, NSC etc. This service will prove to be helpful to many of people belonging to the rural areas of the india. They will be able to avail the necessary information easily through their registered mobile number.

What is IVR service:-

Interactive Voice Response is a telephone system which operates via voice commands. This is the medium through which customers interact. In this, the customers can ask questions in the phone itself and there is no need to go to the branch. (Post Office new service 2022)

Just call and ask service ,toll free number:-

Indian Post has also launched a toll free number to avail this service. Now you can just call and get the information you require. To make this service available the customer has to call India Post’s toll free number 18002666868 from his/her registered mobile number.

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For customers with Savings account:-

Customers having a savings account with the post office department avail the IVR service as well. Customers can change the language in language setting. From here customers can the account balance information. For that they have to press the number five. Press 6 to block the card. Enter the card number thereafter. The account number will be given. (Post Office new service 2022)

Post Office new service 2022 is applicable for ATM as well:-
  • Press 3 for ATM information.
  • You have to press 2 for new ATM.
  • Press 1 to change the PIN of the card.
  • Press Hash (#) to repeat option and star for previous menu.
  • Press 4 for more information on Poster Saving Product.

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