West Bengal Midday Meal Scheme

West Bengal Midday Meal Scheme – West Bengal Govt. had earlier brought various well-fare schemes. Few of them are – Kanyashree, Yubashree etc. The West Bengal Govt. has earlier provided midday meals in all Govt. schools. The Govt. now has decided to introduce chicken and seasonal fruits in mid-day meals for a four month period from January.

Chicken and Fruits to be added in West Bengal Midday Meal Scheme.

Students are currently given vegetables, rice, soybean, pulses, and eggs in schools as part of midday meals under West Bengal Midday Meal Scheme. Chicken and fruits are going to be included into this list. An amount of whooping Rs.371 crore has been sanctioned for the new nutrition scheme.

Over 1.16crore students are going to get benefits by the new scheme. But the opposition is not happy by the decision of Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. The opposition party is accusing her over the decision of adding “chicken and fruits in the menu of midday meal” taken ahead of the panchayat elections due this year and Lok Sabha polls in 2024.

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Santanu Sen said, “I would tell the CPI(M) that it should keep its mouth shut as its government destroyed the education system in the state… To the BJP, I would say that first criticise your own government’s decisions. We saw how petrol and diesel prices were (kept low) before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls. Before the Gujarat elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated projects worth crores.”

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