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New Traffic Rules 2022: Rs.2000 challan even wearing helmet. Know the rules:-


New Traffic Rules 2022: Rs.2000 challan even wearing helmet. Know the rules:-

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New Traffic Rules 2022

According to the new traffic rules 2022, there will be a Rs.2000 fine even if you are wearing a helmet. How could this be. In this article you will get the answer to this question and also further instructions about the new traffic rules. (New Traffic Rules 2022)

According to the Actual Motor Vehicle Act, if you are not wearing a helmet strip while driving a motorcycle, scooty, then there will be a challan of Rs 1000 as mentioned in the new 194D MVA and if you are wearing a helmet (without BIS) then there will be a 1000 rupees fine according to 194D MVA. Our objective here is to make you aware by giving you information about traffic rules.

According to New Traffic Rules 2022 Invoice of more than 20 thousand will be charged:-

According to the new Motor Vehicle Act, you may face a heavy fine of Rs 20000 for overloading/overweighing the vehicle. In addition to it a fine of Rs 2000 per tonne will also be charged for doing so. (New Traffic Rules 2022)

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How to check whether the invoice has been charged or not:-

  • Go to website.
  • Select the option of Check Challan Status.
  • You will get the option of Challan Number, Vehicle Number and Driving License Number (DL).
  • Select the option of Vehicle Number.
  • Fill the required information asked and click on ‘Get Detail’.
  • Now the challan status will appear. (New Traffic Rules 2022)

How to fill traffic challan in online mode:-

  • Go to
  • Fill the required details and captcha related to the challan and click on Get Details.
  • A new page will open on which the details of the challan will be displayed.
  • Find the challan you want to pay.
  • Along with the challan, the option of online payment will appear, click on it.
  • Fill in the payment related information. Confirm payment.
  • Now your online challan has been filled.

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