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Dearness Allowance 2022 – Good News, 6% DA for State Government Employees.


Dearness Allowance 2022 – Good News, 6% DA for State Government Employees.

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Dearness Allowance 2022

DA or Dearness Allowance is the important part of Government employees salary. It is calculated based on AICPI or All India Consumer Price Index. That means If the Price of Goods increases the AICPI will be also increase.

After the strike of state Government employees in Chhattisgarh, the government decided to increase the Dearness Allowance (DA). In contrary to this the Finance Department issued an order to increase DA by 6% on Tuesday. After the implementation of new dearness allowance, the total dearness allowance will be 28% as estimated .(New Dearness Allowance)

New Dearness Allowance of 2022 and follows:-

Meanwhile ,the unsatisfied employee organizations denies their decision and insists on increasing the allowance by 12%. According to the order of the state government, the dearness allowance of 7th pay scale employees has been increased by 6% to 28%. Also, the employees of the sixth pay scale are to be provided with the benefit of 15% increase.

However, this allowance is to be paid in cash from Novemeber1, 2022. It will be calculated on the basis of the basic pay. Meanwhile, the Chhattisgarh Officer-Employee Federation is adamant on its demand. Federation convener Kamal Verma stated that, two rounds of talks were held with the committee of two secretaries formed by the Chief Minister.

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As a result of the meeting,12% Dearness Allowance was agreed. There was statement that the organization would be merged with the Chief Minister soon. Meanwhile, the representatives of some organizations who were not involved in the strike, combined with the Chief Minister, and an agreement was reached at 6%.

Preparation of a strike from 22 :-

Kamal Verma’s saying made it clear that, the employee organizations involved in the federation will not call off the strike until the the government meets their respective demand. The only statement they use is “We do not accept less than 12% DA”. That too should be provided by the specific date. And they also announced that if The government did not accept their demand and so. Then, all the employees would go on a strike on and from 22 november.
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