Maths Riddle: 99% people failed to solve this problem:-


Maths Riddle: 99% people failed to solve this problem:-

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Maths Riddle
Maths Riddle

There are many popular online activities that boosts someone’s way of thinking, (Maths Riddle) helps them take more logical decisions. One such activity is maths puzzle which makes people take logical and quick decisions. Participating in maths riddles online may be boring to some people but once they solved something without any external help makes them realize how exciting and interesting it is to challenge their own ability and overcome it. (Maths Riddle)

You have experienced this joy before as well like solving a sum in class that others can’t. We bring you something similar to that. Another exciting factor is that it got a time limit. Let’s see what you’ve got. Be honest to yourself and no cheating .OK ?

Ready to test how smart you are? Let’s get started.

Before solving, read this instructions.

(Seems like I am taking a test, its quite exciting for me as well being a examiner you see. ha ha ha. Be confident in yourself):-

  • The image shared below depicts a mathematical equation. 
  • Readers must study the problem carefully and determine the answer.
  • This is a moderate-level challenge,
  • The first thing you need to do is establish a pattern between the numbers. It is the most important part of solving this puzzle.
  • Now Look at the image and apply the basic rules of mathematics to solve the puzzle.
  • Your time starts now. (Maths Riddle)

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Solve Maths Puzzle in 5 Seconds- Maths Riddle

How many of you were able to find the solution to this puzzle within 5 seconds?

Hope everyone tried their best.

Some of the brightest minds might have solved this puzzle.

Those who couldn’t solve the riddle, don’t panic. You just need to practice stuffs like this whenever you got some free time to spare. You know legend says, Practice makes a man perfect. (Maths Riddle)

Want to know the value?

Your wait ends here.

You can get the answers below

Solve Maths Puzzle in 5 Seconds – Solution

The solution is as follows:

The pattern that is followed in this problem is to add the two numbers together and multiply the sum with the number on the left.

For example,

2+3 = 10 is obtained by adding 2 and 3 together, and multiplying the sum of 2+3 by 2.

2+3 = 5 and 5*2 = 10

Similarly, following the same pattern, the missing value is found to be 126.

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THANK YOU, form team

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