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LPG Price Hike – Again Commercial LPG Cylinder Gets Costlier.


LPG Price Hike – Again Commercial LPG Cylinder Gets Costlier.

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LPG Price Hike

LPG Price Hike – On the first week of 2023, OMC has a price hike. The price of LPG has been increased in a high volume. The increase comes into effect from 01. 01. 2023. The LPG Price Hike applies to the 19kg commercial gas cylinders.

Check the full list of LPG Price Hike and cities.

Mumbai      Rs.1,721
Kolkata       Rs.1,870
Chennai.       Rs.1,971

The Oil Marketing Companies hiked the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs.25/kg. The price of commercial gas cylinders is increased from Rs.19/per kg to Rs.25/kg.

The commercial LPG users would now have to pay Rs.25 more for a cooking gas cylinder. The consumers are worried for it.

The owners of restaurants, eateries and tea stalls are in a terrific mental condition hearing the price hike news.

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