Krishak Bandhu Scheme 2022

To help farmers financially in 2018, West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee introduced the WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme programme. Not only this West Bengal people are also enjoying various scheme like SwasthyaSathi, Khadya Sathi, Lakhir Bhandar, Sobuj Sathi, Duyare Sarkar, Bangla Awas yojana, Kormosathi, Joy Johar etc. All of these schemes are owned by Government Of West Bengal.

Krishak Bandhu Scheme Ammount:

Now, the Chief Minister has made the decision to restart this Krishak Bandhu Scheme programme.
The announcement that the financial support provided by this programme will be increased was made on June 17.
In the past, farmers who owned at least one acre of land received Rs 5000 annually.

Farmers would now receive Rs 10,000 year, tripling the advantages.
Trinamool Congress pledged to double the WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme’s benefits in its electoral platform. Approximately 68 lakh farmers will profit from this programme.
Under the WB Krishak Bandhu scheme, financial support for small and marginal farmers would also be boosted.
Farmers who have less than one acre of cultivable land will receive Rs. 4000 annually rather than Rs. 2,000 on a pro rata basis.

The KrishakBandhu Scheme went into operation in 2018, and as of February, 1.5 billion rupees had been spent on its implementation.
A death payment of Rs 200000 would be given to a farmer under this programme if he or she passes away before reaching the age of 60.

Objectives :
The WB Krishak Bandhu scheme’s primary goal is to give West Bengal’s farmers financial support. The recipients of the programme will also receive cash help and a 2 lakh rupee life insurance policy. Farmers’ families will become financially independent with the aid of the government incentives, eliminating the need for them to rely on others for their needs.
The WB Krishak Bandhu initiative will assist farmers in improving their financial situation.

Benefits :
The following are a few of the advantages:-
According to the plan, every beneficiary will receive a life insurance policy of Rs. 200000.
All farmers who pass away accidently while the programme is being implemented will receive insurance coverage.

The beneficiaries would receive a 5000 rupee insurance payment in two payments.
The budget for implementing this scheme has been set at 3000 crores of rupees.
15 days after the victim’s death, insurance coverage will be given.
The beneficiaries also receive 5,000 rupees per acre in two instalments, one during the Kharif season and the other during the Rabi season.

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The West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Scheme for 2022 consists of the following two elements:-

Assured Income:
All farmers and beneficiaries who are chosen for the programme will receive financial help under the assured income policy.

The following two additional choices for the scheme:
Farmers are entitled to get Rs. 5000 per year during both the Rabi and Kharif seasons if they own one or more acres of land.
The first instalment will be made available in the month of June, followed by the second instalment in the month of November.
Additionally, farmers would receive prorated minimum support of Rs. 2000 annually.

Death Benefit:
Under the death benefit programme, farmers’ families will receive Rs. 2 Lakh, including in the case of suicide.
All farmers between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for this.

Registration Process :
Visit the Krishak Bandhu Scheme’s website first.
After that, the home page will load.
You have to select the About Krishak Bandhu Scheme link on the front page.
After that, a new page will open before you containing details of this scheme.
You can view every single detail regarding the KrishakBandhu from this page.
Written by Antara Banerjee.

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