India's first solar village

India’s first solar village – Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Madhura village in Gujarat as India’s first solar powered village. Residents who opt for solar power will save 60 to 100 percent on their electricity bills.

Prajapati, 68, from the village of Modhera in western India’s Gujarat state, has doubled the amount of earthenware he makes compared to a few months ago since he no longer has to turn the wheel manually as he could not then afford high electricity bill that were up to 1,500 Indian rupees a month.

Gujrat’s Modhera becomes India’s first solar village.

The central government and the state government of Gujarat have developed a battery energy stored system at Surojpura in Mehsana, about six kilometers from Surya Mandir. This system is providing 24-hour solar power to the Modhera Sun Temple and the city through a solar power project. Thus, Modhera becomes India’s first solar village.

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“For a self-reliant India of the 21st century, we have to increase such efforts related to our energy needs,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said earlier last month. The Government of Gujarat had allocated 12 hectares of land for the development of this project. The State and the Central Govt. have spent Rs 80.66 crore in the ratio of 50:50 in two phases to make Modhera India’s first solar village.

India’s first solar village would be self-sufficient in solar energy generation. The power is developed through G. M. Solar power plant and more than 1300 Rooftop solar systems on residential and Government buildings, all integrated with BESS. Keep visiting our website to know more.
Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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