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Indian railways: Good news train passengers, railway tickets aren’t necessary in 2022 :-


Indian railways: Good news train passengers, railway tickets aren’t necessary in 2022 :-

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Indian Railways

Indian Railways introduced many schemes/facilities for the passengers in the year 2022. Today we will discuss about such a scheme or u say facility, from passengers point of view. The facility we will talk about is the most satisfying one of them all. It enables you to board the train without a ticket. Curious? Of how is that even possible. To know how you have to read the full article.

New facilities that are introduced by the Indian railways in 2022:-

  • Many times a passenger is unable to get a confirmed ticket or if he does not get a ticket to his destination, then the passenger is charged with a high amount of fine by the railways. Now passengers can pay this penalty also through card. Indian Railways is connecting electronic devices with 4G network to run them smoothly.
  • Another new step taken by the Railways is that now you can pay the fare or fine in the train with your debit card just like buying something through the smart card. So if you do not have a train ticket, then after boarding the train, you can also get it made by paying with the card.

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  • If you do not have a reservation and you have to go somewhere by train, then you can board the train only by taking platform ticket. You can get your tickets made by going to the ticket checker. This rule (Indian Railways Rules) has been made by the Railways itself. In this , you will have to contact TTE immediately by taking a platform ticket. Then TTE will create a ticket till your destination point.
  • According to the Railway Board, 2G SIMs are installed in the Point of Selling ie POS machines, causing network problem in distant areas, but now the facility of 4G SIM is being started by the Railways for these machines, so you can easily make the payment.

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