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How to loose weight fast, 10 Extreme weight loss methods. Know more:-


How to loose weight fast, 10 Extreme weight loss methods. Know more:-

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How to loose weight fast
How to loose weight fast

Nowadays, weight loss is major concern for individuals (How to loose weight fast) and there can be many reasons for weight loss : upcoming surgery ,doctors recommendation or even for an upcoming events or vacation. But the major question asked by individuals are :How can I lose weight fast?

Losing weight is a slow and gradual process. For some people it’s normal but for some it’s frustrating .Is there any healthy method for reducing weight fast?

Effective methods for weight loss :

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Exercise
  • Getting rid of water weight
  • Chew the food properly
  • Reducing sugar and carb intake
  • Increasing water intake
  • Eat plenty of protein
  • Small plates, big difference
  • Green Tea
  • Getting enough sleep

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting means that you don’t eat for a period of time each day or week.This is one of the popular method of weight loss used by celebrities .Some popular approaches to Intermittent fasting include:

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Alternative day fasting- You can have small meals (less than 500 calories ) every other day .On non- fasting day, eat a normal diet. (How to loose weight fast)

5:2 Diet- This is also known as fast diet,here you can have normal diet 5 days of week while the other 2 days restrict calories to 500 per day

Time – restricted Feeding(TRF)- Each day you’ll have “eating window ” .For example ,you can eat normally during 8 hours of the day and the other 16 hours you will not consume anything .This is very effective in weight loss.

How to weight loss diet


Exercising is one of those important things one has to do in order to lose weight. Starting from 20-30 minutes a day to 1 hour each day , can actually help a person remain fit and healthy.

Getting rid of water weight

Losing water weight can help shed up upto 5 pounds in just few days and it can be done in many ways such as by reducing the amount of salt in the diet, drinking plenty of water , exercising etc. Chew the food properly. (How to loose weight fast)
Food must be chewed properly so that it can be properly digested. Chewing food slowly can reduce food intake between meals which in turn help you control overeating . If food is not chewed properly it causes many problem such as gas,bloating,constipation ,food reactions etc.

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Reducing sugar and carb intake

Sugar sweetened drinks and packaged foods contains excessive amount of carbs,refined carbohydrates and added sugar .Reducing consumption of packed foods and beverages can help in reducing overall calorie intake and weight loss. (How to loose weight fast)

Increasing water intake :-(How to loose weight fast)

Increasing water intake can help you rid of water retention . Infact, 30-59% of US adults who try of lose weight increase their water intake. Drinking water increases the amount of calorie burn. (How to loose weight fast)

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Eat plenty of protein

Eating high-protein diet may help you lose weight. Protein helps you to maintain lean muscle mass and can help you maintain a healthy calorie intake. Adults should consume 0.54 -0.7grams /pu d of body weight . For athletes it’s 0.7-1.0. (How to loose weight fast)

Small Plates , Big Difference

Smaller plates encourage portion control and discourage overeating. According to news paper published in the journal of Association for consumer research, a trick to keeping your weight in check is in the (small) dinner plate. (How to loose weight fast)

Green Tea

Green tea has been effective in improving mental alertness, relieving digestive system and headache and promoting weight loss. Green tea intake should be done in moderate amount ideal intake is 3-5 cups to reap the most health benefits. (How to loose weight fast)

Getting enough sleep

Most people do not know that a good sleep can help them stay fit and also helps is weight loss. According to WHO, people belonging to 13-18 age group should sleep for 8-10 hours whereas those of 18+ age group should sleep for 7-9 hours.

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