Oasis scholarship 2022-23

Oasis scholarship 2022-23 – The main objective of the Oasis Scholarship Program 2022-23 is to help economically disadvantaged students. The scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious and needy students. In order to ensure that there is no hindrance in the education of SC students in different parts of the state.

If these rules are not followed, your Oasis Scholarship 2022-23 might get cancelled!

All SC, OBC community students residing in the state who have passed Class VIII and entered Class IX can apply for the Oasis scholarship 2022-23. Also, the students who have just passed the secondary and higher secondary examinations are also eligible for this application.

Many were unable to complete the application of Oasis scholarship 2022-23 due to difficulties on the Oasis Scholarship website. The government has taken action as soon as this matter came to the fore. In the previous notification, it was said to apply for the Oasis scholarship 2022-23 by 30.11. 2022. But the authority has changed the deadline to 15. 01. 2023.

This instruction is provided to all applicants on the Oasis Scholarship website. Along with this, the state government also said that all the students who are studying outside WB can also apply for this scheme.

All the students are required to report these details to their district PO-CUM-DWO office of the educational institutions in which they are pursuing their studies. Apart from the application in this project, there is a lot of confusion about how to get financial help.

Those who have previously applied for the Oasis scholarship 2022-23 are seriously worried. Because many people think that it will take time to get the grant due to the extension of the application period. But the clear message from the state government has nothing to do with extending the time limit to get the Oasis scholarship 2022-23.

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