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Experts Say Not to Put Alexa Device In Bedrooms. Privacy Alert!


Experts Say Not to Put Alexa Device In Bedrooms. Privacy Alert!

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Alexa Device

Alexa Device – If you are a “technophile” and loves to have technology 24/7 around you, then this article is very useful for you to read. Now-a-days, a craze is going on among the people with “Alexa Device” and “Apple-Siri”. Most of the people are eager to buy them. Especially, “Alexa Device” has a heart of so many people. Experts have warned to keep “Alexa Device” anywhere in house, except for bedrooms.

Here’s the creepy reason why you should not keep Alexa Device in your bedroom!

Fox News has reported that the Amazon employees can hear some of the device-holders’ private conversations. Fox News report says, “Everyone who purchases an Alexa must consent to the fact that it could often be recording you, so it may give you more peace of mind by keeping it in the same spot you feel comfortable having company in”.

What is Alexa?
“Alexa Device” also known as “Amazon Alexa”, also known as “Alexa” is capable of streaming podcasts, music playbacks, making to-do lists, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, voice interactions, sports, news etc.

According to the experts, people should keep the device away from their bedrooms, bathroom. It is better to keep Alexa in the living room or kitchen.

Amazon itself confirms the news. Amazon accepts the fact that the employees hear the holders’ conversations for research purposes to improve the device’s understanding of human speech for future updates.

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Written and edited by Rajeshwari.

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