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Salary will increase by Rs.90000 in March – DA Increased.


Salary will increase by Rs.90000 in March – DA Increased.

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DA Increase

DA Increased – The central Govt. employees are hoping about their DA hike. The news of DA increase is likely to be announced by the central Govt. within March. Lakhs and thousands of central Govt. employees and pensioners will get the benefit if DA increase happens.

Good news for Govt. employees! DA Increased by 3%.

Only few days are left for the presentation of the budget for the financial year 2023-24. Based on the increase in July 2022, central employees are getting 38% dearness allowance. This figure is expected to increase to 41% in the coming times.

The matter of “DA arrears” is currently one of the most talked about issues for Govt. employees in India. Some states in India are not paying DA arrears to their state government employees since 2020. Also some states are increasing the amount of DA to their employees along with settlement of DA arrears. However, there is some exception to this in the case for central Govt. employees.

The central government increases the DA of government employees twice a year. Central government had increase the DA rate of the employees by 4%. DA of Government employees increase from 31% to 38% in 2022. 48 lakhs central government employees and 68 lakh pensioners were benefitted by this. Under the 7th Pay Commission, central government employees currently get DA at the rate of 38%.

DA of central government employees is likely to be increased by 3%. So, the central government employees might get DA at the rate of whooping 41%.

Basic salaryRs.25,000/-
DA increase3%
Monthly salary increase byRs.750/-
Annual salary increase byRs.9000/-
Monthly salary of Cabinet Secretary level officers increase byRs.7500/-
Annual salary of Cabinet Secretary level officers increase byRs.90000/-

Employees getting DA Arrears on January?

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