Bank locker charges

Bank locker charges – Not only money, various banks in India also provides security for expensive jewelry and personal belongings of their customers. If a customer wants to keep some of his/her things safe and secure; then the bank provides them “security lockers”.

In return of providing security to customers’ confidential stuffs (property documents, savings bonds, insurance policies, jewelleries etc.) the authority charge a few amount. When the bank locker is assigned, a paper-copy of the locker agreement governing its use will be given to the locker hiring person.

All the things you need to know about bank locker charges.

SBI charges in metro-politan and metro areas:-

Small lockerMedium lockerLarge lockerExtra-large locker
Rs.2000/- per yearRs.4000/-per yearRs.8000 per yearRs.12,000/- per year

SBI charges in semi-urban and rural-areas:-

Small lockerMedium lockerLarge lockerExtra-large locker
Rs.1500/- per yearRs.3000/- per yearRs.6000 per yearRs.9000/- per year

HDFC charges in semi-urban and rural-areas:-

Small lockerMedium lockerLarge locker
Rs.3000/- per yearRs.5000/- per yearRs.10,000 per year

ICICI Bank locker charges:-

Smaller lockerExtra-large locker
Rs.1200-Rs.5000 per yearRs.10,000-22,000 per year

PNB Bank locker charges:-

Small lockerMediumLargeExtra latge
Rs.1250 (Rural- SU) per year
Rs.2000 (Urban-Metro) per year
Rs.2500 (Rural- SU) per year
Rs.3500 (Urban-Metro) per year
Rs.3000 (Rural- SU) per year
Rs.5500 (Urban-Metro) per year
Rs.6000-8000 (Rural- SU) per year
Rs.10,000 (Urban-Metro) per year

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