West Bengal DA Arrears

West Bengal DA Arrears – The issue of West Bengal DA Arrears of government employees and retired government employees is one of the most talked about issues in India today. The legal case between the state government of West Bengal and state government employees regarding DA dues has been transferred from the Calcutta High Court to the Supreme Court, the highest court of India.

West Bengal DA Arrears – Has Bengal Govt. gone bankrupt?

There is no end to the state government employees’ agitation regarding West Bengal DA Arrears. The Calcutta High Court on May 20, 2022 directed the state government to clear the DA arrears of all the employees. But the state Govt. did not obey this and filed a review petition. After this, the state Govt. approached the Supreme Court. The hearing of West Bengal DA Arrears case was on 14. 12. 2022. But Justice Dipankar Dutt himself walked away from the case.

The state filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court in the DA case. It is mentioned in the affidavit that the implementation of the High Court judgment is not possible. Giving DA to employees at increased rate may cause financial disaster to the state government.

Minister Shobhandev Chatterjee was questioned about DA in the assembly. He said that the Chief Minister is trying to empower the financially backward people. The Chief Minister did not say that she would not give DA. She will give DA when the time comes”.

All India BJP Vice-President Dilip Ghosh’s claims, “Not even once did she say that she would give DA. Rather, it is understood that she do not want to pay. Government employees are getting frustrated.”
Earlier, state Govt. employees filed suits in State Administrative Tribunals or SATs to claim DA arrears. Not only DA at the central Govt. rate, SAT also directed the state chief secretary to complete the process within 3 months. But that order was not implemented.

West Bengal DA Arrears – Has Bengal Govt. gone bankrupt?

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