3 Back to back Earthquake in Jaipur. The danger is not yet over.


3 Back to back Earthquake in Jaipur. The danger is not yet over.

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Earthquake in Jaipur

Earthquake in Jaipur

3 back to back Earthquake in Jaipur within 16 minutes!
In the very beginning of the day, at 4.09 am with depth of 10 kilometers all the surrounding areas heavy waved is happened.

Early morning on Friday, when most of the people of Jaipur were sleeping, the devastating Earthquake shake in Jaipur. The latest and the biggest earthquake of magnitude 3.4 occurred at around early morning at 4.25 am, the National Center for Seismology aka NCS reported on that event. According to the NCS, it was the Earthquake in Jaipur with a depth of 10 kilometers.

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From the tweet of NCS, It was known that, That Earthquake in Jaipur happens on the Magnitude of 3.4, Occurred on 21st July at 4.09 to 4.25am in Indian Time on the Lat. of 26.87 and Long of 75.69. Its Depth was around 10 Km on Jaipur, Rajasthan areas.
For the another information, Earlier the earth quake of magnitude 3.1 was felt at 4.22 am at a depth of 5 kilometers.

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Not only this. This can be happened again and again because of pollutions. So every body shoul be careful. Next update is coming.

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